Today let’s move over into the long-term investing lane and talk about a little understood or even mentioned vehicle. It’s the Master Limited Partnership or MLP for short.

Before going into the details, the first thing to know is that these Master Limited Partnerships are publicly traded just as shares of stock or ETF’s are.

Master Limited Partnership Definition:  An MLP is a business organization that exists as a publicly traded limited partnership.

This format is something of a hybrid business structure that combines elements of a corporation and a partnership. Now MLP’s do not pay federal income tax on the entity level as corporations do.

The general partners run the day-to-day affairs of the company just as officers of a corporation or managing team of a mutual or exchange traded fund do.

The investors are the limited partners and exist as a body in terms of rights like stock shareholders do.

Rather than being referred to as shares, the investor(s) in a Master Limited Partnership buy units.

What Can a Master Limited Partnership Invest In?

In 1987 Congress set up rules that limit MLP’s to invest only in natural resources and real estate.

MLP’s historically deliver higher returns than stock and have also been more volatile. Because of this MLP’s should be used as a part of an overall portfolio and asset allocation strategy.

Why mess with MPL’s at all? Because of the potential for high returns and for income.

MLP’s typically often offer much higher yields than stocks, which can be extra attractive for income investors.

Master Limited Partnership Stocks

Here is a brief list of several of the more well know MLP’s with their current yields at the time of this writing.  Double check the current yield with your favorite charting software or broker.

  • MPLX – 11.17%
  • ET – 8.94%
  • EPD- 8.26%
  • MMP – 9.86%
  • BPY – 7.50%

There are also exchange traded funds that specialize in the MPL area.

One of these is AMLP (Alerian MLP ETF).

This fund itself sports a 10.26% dividend yield.

Dividend income investors often employ MLP’s to help boost the income stream provided by their portfolios.

Why Are MLP’s Not Used by More Individual Investors?

There are several reasons beyond simply having less name recognition and being less understood.

Let’s focus on two key things:

1. Master Limited Partnership tax reporting takes an extra step. What I mean is an MLP generates a K-1 tax form rather than the standard 1099 that corporations do.

The K-1 is one more item that needs to be considered when it comes time to do your yearly tax returns.

TurboTax and other tax software packages handle K-1’s quite well.

If you have a preparer do your returns, they will handle them. Some do not charge and others do. So, this is an issue to consider but likely not a huge deterent.

2. There can be tax ramifications if you have very large MLP holdings. This is not a factor for the majority of individual investors.

The issue involves an element that is reported on the K-1 known as UBTI or unrelated business taxable income.

This is income that may be generated by the MLP that is outside the scope of the business’s usual activities as defined in the MLP charter.

These are often minimal or nonexistent and therefore not a direct issue to most investors.

What Does the IRS Say About UBTI?

The IRS says that if UBTI in a single account for a single year is higher than $1,000 (hard to do), a UBTI tax is triggered.

This tax can also apply in an IRA.

For practical purposes, if one kept their MLP holding in a single tax-deferred account under $50,000 (estimated) they are likely to not have any issues, however, it’s best to seek advice from an accountant or tax specialist familiar with your situation.

It is evident why most people will not consider using MLP’s at all, Master Limited Partnership taxation.

Or put another way…

Primarily, it’s because of the potential for an uncommon tax rule to become a factor. I have owned MLP’s myself and never had any issues, however, again it’s best to seek professional advice for your current situation.

If you are not scared off by these factors then you may find MLP investing to be rewarding.

Starting with just one is a good way to go, or if you want to avoid the whole K-1 situation while still enjoying significantly higher yields then an MLP exchange traded fund may be the way to go.

Closing Thoughts

Because many MLP’s are involved with midstream energy transportation they, as well as the energy sector as a whole, have been under price pressure for several years.

As an example, Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) has paid an uninterrupted dividend for 22 straight years.

The current dividend of 8.26% is 31% above its 5-year average, yet their operating margin was higher in 2020 (the crazy year) than in 2019.

MLP’s are not for everyone but they can add some zest to the portfolios of no longer novice investors.


Are You Suffering from Paid Traffic Blues?

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The lifeblood of the internet.

And the lifeblood of just about all online businesses (except this one).

Without traffic, you can’t make sales.

Without sales, there’s no business.

When it comes to traffic there are really 3 main forms of traffic in my mind.

3 Main Forms of Traffic

1. Organic Traffic

More on that soon.

2. Referral Traffic

3. Paid Traffic

This is what we are going to talk about today because I see too many people suffering from what I call Paid Traffic Blues.

First, let me be clear about what paid traffic is.

So when I say paid traffic I really mean advertising.

It could be advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display or Adwords, Native Advertising, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, Pop up Traffic, Email ads, Amazon Ads, and the list could go on and on.

Circling back we know that most businesses like affiliate marketing,
Amazon FBA, dropshipping, etc all require traffic and for many paid traffic is what they use.

Now while I love many of these very traffic sources this is where the problem starts for most people.

They see a ton of traffic opportunities and they don’t know where to start so what do they do?

They do nothing and this leads to failure.

Or they dabble with one by spending a $100 or so and when they don’t see great results they move on to the next and the process repeats

This is a problem.

Well, it’s really a symptom of not having the right mindset around paid traffic.

So let me tell you upfront that even though I love paid traffic, paid traffic
is hard, it’s finicky and it can be a major pain in your butt.

Yes, it is difficult, painful, requires lots of testing and you MUST be ok with usually losing money at first.

Please read that again.

Ok, that’s out of the way…

Now I know most people won’t tell you that but it’s the truth and if you don’t understand that you’ll 100% fall into the cycle of paid traffic blues.

So what’s ‘the fix’ so to speak.

Well, one option is to dedicate yourself to paid traffic and specifically master one source of traffic to start.

This last weekend I’ve been relaxing in Mexico with some of the best traffic experts in the world.

Folks spending millions a month on things like email traffic, Facebook, Google, Native, and a whole host of others.

What I noticed is that every one of them specializes in 1 or 2 traffic sources.

That’s it.

Some of them are masters of Facebook ads.

Some only do Native ads.

Some only focus on Google because they’ve been doing that and spending over a million a month for a decade or more.

This focus is key.

The next thing I learned from them is that they have OAD.

Obsessive attention to detail.

That means they test like crazy.

Now, most ‘newbie’ folks or even some advanced folks test, and they’ll test 1, 2, 10 variations of ads.

While that might seem like enough it’s clear that that’s a surefire way to
suffer from paid traffic blues.

So what do the pros do?


They are testing 100’s of ad variations often a day, testing subject lines like crazy to see what gets the best open rates and sales, creating new videos, new funnels, new landers constantly to see what works the absolute best for each offer.

And it doesn’t stop there because that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you find the winning traffic source and offer to scale you’ve got to double down on your optimization and testing.

Oh and don’t forget about the pesky competition who is trying to copy
your ads and funnels by using tools like AdBeat all the time.

From my experience, I can tell you nothing is worse than doing all that work only to have someone knock off your whole setup and start stealing your traffic.

Or worse yet they ruin it for both of you and it just stops working altogether.

Chances are most haven’t pulled back the curtain like this before.

And as you can see the paid traffic game can be hard but maybe still worth it.

Heck, we didn’t even get into some of the other major problems that are rampant.

Like compliance, click fraud, floating ad spend, merchant issues, hosting,
rising ad costs, shorter attention spans, email deliverability, and more.

With that, it can still work great if that’s something you really want to do.

It’s just a lot of work and for someone that is new, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Yet it’s a battle you can win.

Just know what type of fight you are getting yourself into, ok?

And if so please make sure you focus and really commit to it otherwise you’ll 100% be bound for paid traffic blues.

Which is the last thing I want.

Now there is a second option.

An option where you don’t need to worry about paid traffic at all.

I’m referring to the PB Code.

You see when I make money with the PB Code.

I need zero traffic whatsoever.

And I have zero competition to worry about.

It requires no employees, no sales, my net profit is over 99.5% so my overhead is super low.

And I have zero competition.

I could go on and on about the benefits.

Suffice is to say this is a massive reason I think this business is the Perfect Business.

Especially if you want to focus on lifestyle.

And if this intrigues you and if this resonates with you and you’d like to build a real long-term business check out the PB Code here.

On your side,
Ryan Coisson


How to Get What You Really Want

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Fear. Freedom. Power.

These are the three most powerful motivators behind all the actions we take.

Think about it for a moment.

Most of the things you want in this life have to do with one of the above, right?


You are afraid that you will be stuck exactly where you are right now 1, 2, 5, or even 10 years from now.

You are afraid that you are just spinning your wheels in circles and will never get ahead no matter how hard you work.

You are afraid you won’t ever be able to make any real money online and
that you failed your family, yourself, and that your friends were right when they repeatedly told you that ‘this stuff never works out’.

You are afraid of not becoming the person you know you deserve to be who lives a life of happiness, joy, and fulfillment without a worry about money.

You are afraid of failure.

You are afraid of success.


You want to be free of worries.

You want to be free of the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck where there never seems to be enough to get ahead.

You want the freedom from the guilt you face for not reaching your goals.

You want the freedom to do what you want when you want without having to worry about how much it costs.

I mean complete time and financial freedom for you and your loved ones.

You want freedom from the mental shackles you have put on yourself that limit your beliefs about who you are and what you can really achieve for you and your family.

You want freedom from the bills that pile up, the sacrifices you make just to get by, and the feeling of the deep pit in your stomach that if something doesn’t change soon you don’t know how you’ll make it through.

You want freedom from doubt.

You want freedom from the mental pain and anguish of repeated cycles of excitement and failure.

You want the freedom from distraction.

You want freedom from the feeling of not being good enough.

And you want freedom from the worry of wondering ‘am I doing the right thing, am I on the right track’ because you are tired of seeing others that are not as smart as you achieve the success you know you deserve.


You want the power to control your life.

You want the power to rely on no one but yourself.

You want the power to achieve both time and financial freedom.

You want the power to just prove to your spouse, your friends and most importantly yourself that you are NOT crazy and that you can achieve success online.

You want the power to finally take a vacation after all this hard work and still be earning passive income.

You want the power to choose your own destiny, which sometimes requires creating a belief in yourself through an alter ego.

You see?

Almost all human motivation comes from Fear, Freedom, or Power.

So empower yourself.

Free yourself.

And eliminate fear forever.

This is what the PB Code is all about.

Go here to find out how

Talk soon,
Ryan “your #1 fan” Coisson

P.S. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving what you want.

Don’t be enslaved to your current beliefs.

Don’t let someone else control how you live your life.

Be Free. Be Fearless. Be Powerful.

And I’m pretty sure this can help.


Cash is King Ryan

Cash is King - Focus on Profit not Revenue

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I think this applies to you.

Let’s talk about a little dirty secret that most people online never talk about…

And it’s something that is critical.

What I’m talking about is cash flow.

You hear people all the time on social media or via email or wherever say I’m doing $50k a month, $100k/mo, or even millions a month.

While this is impressive on the surface but there are two dirty little secrets you need to know about.

#1. The first dirty little secret is that a lot of times folks will talk about the highest income month or day they have had but they make it sound like that’s what they are still doing.  I have a huge problem with this and you should too.

#2. The second dirty little secret that no one talks about is how much are they actually keeping, their profit vs revenue.

Because it’s all about what you keep.

And what’s crazy is I’ve seen folks making millions a year in revenue and yet they barely are keeping $100k before tax.

And that’s a serious problem.

As the saying goes cash is king.

And it’s 100% true in business.

Especially our type of online businesses that are almost always self-funded and don’t rely on venture capital or other outside investment.

That’s where cash really matters and this is where I see so many people make mistakes.

In the process, they become what I like to call ‘cash poor’.

They build businesses that have high revenue but they end up with very little cash in their bank account they can actually spend.

And as they grow or scale they almost always are reinvesting all the profits back into the business, which means zero cash flow.

And when you have zero cash flow you have what I like to call cash flow cancer.

This can be super common in new eCommerce businesses by the way.

That’s why for me I made a paradigm shift many years ago from building a high revenue business to only caring about cash flow.

Because I’m not sure about you but all I care about is the money that comes into my bank account that I can spend.

That’s why I’ve doubled down on building my PB Code business, which I really think is the PERFECT BUSINESS.

Here’s why…

[+] it is an insanely high net profit business, which means more money in the bank that you can spend.

[+] the overhead is basically zero. An internet connection and super tiny or no fees from my broker are basically all I have for overhead.

That means if I make $10,000 in a day my net is nearly $10,000, which I love.

Compare that to a lot of businesses that run on 10, 20, 40% margins and you have a HUGE night and day difference.

For me, this is just another reason this is the Perfect Business.

And if you are looking for a business that brings in more cash or if you’ve already got a successful business yet need more cashflow…

It may very well be your perfect business or perfect bolt-on for you too.

That’s why I started to teach a handful of folks what I’m doing & how I’m doing it with my program the PB Code.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to build a real long-term business check out the PB Code.

On your side,
Ryan “focus on profit” Coisson

Unusual Business Lesson from Mr Rogers

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Yesterday I found myself 30,000 feet in the air flying at about 625 miles per hour making my way towards the Big Apple.

And here I was fixated on the screen in front of me.

Now if you know me you know I love movies everything from action to comedy to dramas as long as it’s not a horror movie, I’m in.

Yet this was a bit different I was watching this fascinating movie about Fred Rogers called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?“.

I can remember seeing the show Mr Rogers when I was a kid but as I watched I have to say I became more and more impressed with him.

His vision was unique and powerful.

His ability to reach people and touch their hearts while impacting their lives was remarkable.

Like when PBS was about to lose their funding and after days of testimony the courts still were going to cut it.

Yet in steps Mr Rogers and as if with a wave a magical wand he’s able to communicate his message and vision partially through the words of a song ever so clearly that he saved their $20 million in funding.

Now this brings me to a ‘weird’ business lesson courtesy of Mr. Rogers.

First, I have to say this film is just full of life lessons and insights that you could apply many of which are applicable to your business.

And honestly they all would propel you far ahead of your competition.


I think there was one lesson that strikes me the most particularly because it’s so simple yet often overlooked.

And it was Mr Rogers true sense of caring and open heart.

I think in the world we live in especially online things can become simply about the numbers.

If you find yourself at a marketing event you hear about profits, scaling, hustling, grinding, open rates, click rates, ad costs, video views, product costs, conversion rates and on and on.

Yet along the way it seems like caring became an after thought.

This always perplexed me.

And there was something towards the end of this movie on Mr Rogers that hit the nail on the head.

I’ll do the best to paraphrase it here…

“When I was a boy and I would think about something scary.

Mom would always say…

Always look for the people who are helping.  There’s always people who
are trying to help.

It proceeded to cut to a part of one of his shows where he talked about taking one minute and just thinking about the people in your life who’ve
helped you.”

I’d recommend stopping for a moment, closing your eyes and thinking about someone who has helped you.

Maybe it’s your mom.

Your best friend.

or just someone you barely new.

Do this now.


Good, now how did that make you feel?

I know for me when I did it there I was 30,000 feet in the air, eyes watering and overcome with emotion.

Circling back…

His mom was right I think there always are people who are trying to help.

And in business if you focus on putting the people first it’s amazing
what can happen.

So the lesson is…

You actually care.

You have the best intentions for your customer.

You think of them not as a customer, a student , a number or an email address or an Amazon order.

You think of them as a person.

And you be vulnerable.

But most importantly if you care about them having success, getting
the desired result or achieving what they are after the game changes.

Because this makes it so easy for you to stand out from your competition.


This applies if you’re selling marketing training, beauty products, health
programs or anything else.

This is especially true in building a business online.

And after being at this for nearly two decades I feel like I’ve learned a thing or two about building successful businesses and keeping things simple with tools like SamCart.

Especially what I believe is the ultimate lifestyle business that helps ordinary folks get real results.

Results they’ve often struggled in the past trying other things like;

– Affiliate Marketing
– Amazon
– Information Marketing
– Dropshipping
– Shopify
– Clients Services

And on and on.

I was having dinner last night with a friend of mine Ian and I told him that with what I’m teaching now I’m seeing more student results than anything I’ve done before.

Best part is it’s motivating as hell to see those success stories come in every single day.

That’s why I’m excited to be reopening the doors soon.

Weird Lesson About Consistency from Golf

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The other day my friend and I were driving in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina as we made our way to go rock climbing.

And something interesting came up.

Ryan here…

Dropping by with a quick and unusual lesson from the game of golf…

Back to the drive.

Here I was staring out the window at the autumn leaves changing with the sun glistening off them like a shimmering disco ball.

Don’t worry I wasn’t driving 🙂

And my buddy brings up Seo-hyeon.

It was a girl he dated years ago and maybe it was the private country club we drove by but something triggered this story from him.

I’ll save the full story and give you the broad strokes + the unusual business lesson.

So after dating for some time they had played many many rounds of golf together.

And my buddy being the typical testosterone filled man he was looking for that long drive off the tee.

The big hit.

The home run to speak.

This is pretty normal, right?

A lot of folks want to hit the long ball as they say.

Especially men.


Seo-hyeon was different.

She could never hit the ball very far.

Yet she often dominated him.

And for good reason.

While he was trying to ‘crush it’ the ball would get sliced, it’d get lost in the woods or he’d hook it out of bounds.

And here was little Seo-hyeon barely 100 pounds knocking the ball onto the fairway or green shot after shot.

While she didn’t hit the ball crazy far she was so incredibly consistent that she was way ahead of the game.

This brings me to the unusual lesson.

So often I see folks try and ‘crush it’ off the tee in business.

They swing with all their might.

They try and smash the ball sometimes even closing their eyes as they whip the club around.

But there is a HUGE problem with that.

Just like in golf when you try to smash it you often slice the ball, hook it, top it or just outright miss it.

In business success is not really about trying to smash it or hit a homerun.

From what I’ve experienced…

It’s all about consistency.

Consistency is key to your success.

Read that again.

Write it down.

Tattoo it on your brain so to speak.

And more importantly implement it.

This is why I love the PB Code.

I’ve just been consistently doing it year after year and will be doing so for decades to come.

Without having to worry about paid traffic, employees, overhead, marketing, email, or any of the normal IM stuff.

Yet I can generate huge profits in less than 30 minutes a day a few days a

Good or good?

Great actually :-).


34 Years of Advice in 10 Lessons

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Earlier this week I was asked to give some life lessons and the response was really positive so I thought I’d share them with you.

Here are 10 lessons that might just serve you.

And a few bonuses along the way.

Oh and if you have some great lessons to share just let me know.

Lesson 1: Less is More.

Over the years I’ve really focused on the Power of Less (available here).

It’s not about more.

Rather less…just the things you actually want in your life.

The priorities.

This takes some work though.

You have to step back and figure out what it is you actually want.

Than you have to have the courage to make the decision to go and get it even if it’s hard.

Even if there are naysayers (there will be).

And you have to change to make it happen.

That change often involves saying no to a lot of things and to a lot of people.

This is hard.

But necessary.

Because in your world you’ll discover that when you do this less is more.

And that less does make you happier.

How to get started?

Easy…Walt Disney said it best…

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Lesson 2: Invest

No matter how old you are you should be investing for the long-term.

And no matter what start now.

The earlier the better.

If you are new to investing take some responsibility and learn what to do (I have a course on this).

Don’t make excuses.

Just do it.

Read books.

Like this one and this one by John Bogle. Or Ramit’s book is a good place to start too.

Keep it simple.

But commit to it for the long haul.

The power is in the consistency over a long-period of time.

Lesson 3: Stay in Your Lane

In business and life everyone is going to want to give you advice.

Some of it is good.

Most of it is bad.

Even the best intentioned folks are often going to give you bad advice.

They may tell you to not start that business or to not quit that job or to do the ‘safe’ thing or whatever.

I prefer to follow my instinct.

To trust my gut.

That’s why I made the switch to SamCart, instinct.

My intuition and allow myself to make mistakes because you know what mistakes are ok too.

Make them.

Just learn from them and it’s probably best to make mistakes earlier in life if you can.

I’m not saying you can’t get good advice but from my experience, a lot of people are full of it when it comes to what works in both life and business.

That or it might not be applicable to you and your situation.

Also, try things.

Test them out.

Take what works and do it with excellence.

Take what doesn’t and discard it.

In my business, I have followed this simple wisdom from Booker T. Washington.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

Lesson 4: Relationships Matter

And we often take them for granted.

Do your best to continually focus on developing and maintaining quality relationships in your life.

It takes work.

It takes courage even.

And don’t do it with the intention that one day you’ll get something out of that relationship.

Do it because you want to.

Because you care for that person.

As we get older we realize how much value there is to relationships.

Often relationships can fade.

Or we may no longer speak to someone for one reason or another.


Practice more forgiveness in life.

Not for the person you are forgiving but rather for yourself.

You need it.

And it’s ok to forgive yourself too.

That can be hard and it always takes courage but doing this type of work pays dividends like you wouldn’t believe.

Lesson #5: Don’t Focus on the Money

As someone who helps folks build businesses and gain financial freedom it’s probably weird to say this but the money isn’t what you should focus on.

I find that you need to find what you love to do.

Or at least what you enjoy doing right now.

That may change and that’s ok.

Cross that bridge when you get to it.

When you do that though you can use all of the great tools available to you to profit.

We have it so easy now with the internet.

We live in an era where we can really make as much as we want.

It’s just a matter of finding the right thing (i.e. a skill) developing it and focusing on it long enough for the fruit to show up.

Too many are impatient.

Too many quit.

Too many have bad expectations.

Too many get distracted so easily

And on and on.

Lesson 6: Health is #1

I could rant on this forever but make health your number one priority.

Feeling good is important.

Focus on what you eat (keep it simple).

And again trust your instinct.

You already know what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Don’t look for the quick fix.

Or the fad diet.

Don’t eat based on emotion either.  If you do find yourself doing a lot of emotional eating this is something you’ll need to work through.

Instead of a fad diet or trying find a quick fix…seek out something you can do over the long haul.

I know you know this but when you are sick you’ll do just about anything to get better.

But when you are better most of us will barely do anything to stay that
way and heaven forbid get even healthier.

Start now.

As in today.

Even if it is a few small changes like drinking more water or getting more sleep.

Do that.

Sleep is the new super food in my mind.

And if you travel a lot learn how to beat jet lag.

It’s incredibly important.

Oh and focus on your mental health too.

In this day in age this is becoming more and more important so it should be a major priority

Sojourner Truth said…

“It is the mind that makes the body.”

Speaking of body.

Lesson #7: Fitness

Being fit and strong is important.

Studies show the immense benefits of strength training especially as we age.

We all should be doing this a few days a week.

When you feel strong everything gets better.

Your mood.

Your confidence.

Your sex life.

And on and on.

Do it.

Again find someone that can help you if you need but train in a way that is sustainable.

Create a framework that works for you over the long-term.

And find what works for you now.

That will change most likely.

I wrote this article about Why Sunday is the Most Important Day for Your Wellbeing on Entrepreneur.

Better yet find an active hobby.

I like; hiking, rock climbing, table tennis, and snowboarding.

These things are fun for me and the also encourage me to exercise.

And even better find things you can do with others.

I have built many relationships thanks to my hobbies and they have allowed me to travel the world with folks to enjoy things we truly love.

A bond created in those moments is one that can truly last and matter.

Lesson 8: Don’t Fall Into the Trap

This day in age it’s so easy to get sucked in.

To waste time on things that are insignificant.

To procrastinate.

To complain.

To try and keep up with the jones’.

To stress about the little things.

To spend too much money.

To NOT save.

To NOT have fun and enjoy life.

To forget about the important things.

To put off doing the thing(s) you know you should do.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Build your resiliency by exercising it daily.

Do hard things so you can tolerate hard times.

Some times rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work is necessary.

Make sure you are ready for it.

Lesson #9: Ask for Help

We often think we have to go it alone.

Or that asking for help is for a weak person.

It isn’t.

Many are willing to help and you should ask for help.

But be careful.

Not everyone can help.

Or wants to help.

Many actually want to see you fail…to fall flat on your face.

Some knowingly some unknowingly.

See lesson 3 above.

Still you deserve help.

You are not alone in this fight.

In any fight.

If you need help seek it out.

Be ok asking for it, this book could help.

Lesson #10: Seek Out a Mentor

Find someone that has done what you want and do everything you can to get them to mentor you.

Be humble.

Be open.

Be willing to act.

Pay them for coaching if need be.

Study their training, books, videos on YouTube, etc.

Apprentice for them if you can.

Add value to their life when you can (this is important too).

Please don’t ask to pick their brain.

When you do find one take responsibility and act on what they teach you.

Finding a good mentor is one thing.

Being a good mentee is another…creating an alter ego may really help.

So make sure you do your part in that equation.

Respect that folks don’t like to have their brains picked and often their time is very valuable.

But the right mentor can change your life.

I’ve had many mentors over the years some I’ve never met some I have worked closely with.

Just know that eventually you should outgrow them.

Set your sights high.

DaVinci said, “Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.”

Wise words.

Bonus Lesson…Write Letters

We live in a world of more connection.





They connect us with folks around the world.

Aim to connect on a different level a deeper level.

In your conversations and life.

I believe in sending letters.

Handwritten ones.

Mailing postcards.

Do it weekly or monthly.

And not just on birthdays or holidays.

But just because.

Take some of your time and write to the people that matter to you.

Tell them how you feel.

Be open. Be Vulnerable.

We could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Especially us men who may have been taught that that is weak and that we should never show our feelings.

That’s just plain wrong.

It’s good to be open and emotional.

It’s good to be vulnerable with the people we care about.

People love getting personal letters.

You just might make someone’s day.

Try it.

Send one letter to someone you’ve been thinking about this week.

See what happens and let me know.

Alright that’s it for today.

I hope you enjoyed these simple lessons.

birthday questions 10 questions I ask

Every year I like to take a few moments to pause on my birthday and think about what is going on in my life.

This birthday ritual has been a habit a friend of mine taught me years ago that continues to serve me well and I think it can help you too. Especially during these times I think it’s a wonderful time for us all to stop for a few moments and really think about these 10 questions.

Here’s the list…

1. What do I like about my life?

2. What are some things I want to be different by next year?

3. Who are the people who most add value to my life?

4. Who are the people that I know are toxic or create drama in my life?

5. What is the most important activity or habit to add or subtract from my day to day living?

6. How would I rate my life in the realms of career, finances, health, relationships, growth, fun, and lifestyle.

7. What is something I can do to fix the area of my life that’s most lagging?

8. How can I remember my plan throughout the year?

9. Who is someone I can trust to help me get to where I want to be over
the next year?

10. If there’s a gap between where I am now and where I want to be, what’s one step I can take now to close that gap?