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January Enrollment Starts January 27th

Currently our flagship training program the PB Code is not open to the public.

We will be launching the NEW version titled the PB Code Upgraded on the 27th of January, 2022.

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Ryan Coisson

Building & running a business online is one of the simplest ways I’ve discovered to gain true financial freedom.

Simple of course doesn’t mean easy and it deserves mentioning because many expect to jump online and build a business in a few days, weeks or months that is humming along.

I got started online in 2003, making lots of mistakes along the way and from my experience that’s rarely the case.

In fact, I think most people who want to build a business online or generate a side income need a major paradigm shift.

That’s a story for another day though :-).

My point is building an online business takes work and sometimes that includes a shift in your mindset yet it’s a lot better than slaving away in a job that you don’t truly enjoy.

And heck if you love your job (some do) it could be a great way to supplement your income in your spare time.

After over a decade of teaching and helping others I’ve learned a lot about what to do and not do to help folks like yourself get the results they are after.

And my training courses are 100% based on the key principles I have used to train 1,000’s of students from all over the world.

The result is an understanding, strategy, and plan to execute, which is specifically designed to help individuals potentially build a long-term lasting business.

A business that can be operated for decades into the future and is NOT prone to severe losses or even collapse with the latest Google update, changes to Facebook, drops in email deliverability, or any of the other ‘typical’ online marketing issues and headaches.

How do we do this?

Simple, we focus on building a business that is:

[+] Not dependent on organic traffic from Google

[+] Doesn’t rely on paid or organic traffic from Facebook

[+] Involves ZERO list building or marketing via email

[+] Not dependent on doing any advertising online or offline

[+] Doesn’t require you to deal with suppliers or sourcing any type of physical product inventory

[+] Involves NO hiring because you don’t need any employees or outsourced staff to run the business

[+] Doesn’t involve selling any product (physical or digital), service, or any sales at all (perfect for those that don’t like selling and are more introverted like me)

[+] Involves little to no tech skills whatsoever

[+] Doesn’t require you to be able to build websites, funnels, squeeze pages or anything like that at all

[+] Is a business that 100% has ZERO competition (a key secret to long term success)

[+] Doesn’t change over time. I started running my ‘perfect’  business back in the early 2000s and am still doing it today with the exact same strategies I did way back then.

Most importantly our business model focuses on generating profits NOT some worthless ego-inflating revenue number that doesn’t do you any good.

We believe profit is king and we treat our strategy as such so you can learn to generate cash flow.

And once you generate profits it’s about taking those profits and using them to build real wealth.

Learn How to Build a True Lifestyle Business that Takes Me Only a Few Hours Hours a Week to Operate

Choosing the right business for you is the key to real lasting results. 

And it’s not just the business model per se that matters but also making sure it’s the perfect business for you based on your goals, personality/style, time commitment available, and your current available funds to start the business with (yes you should have money available for building an online business).

Many skip the step above and end up building a business online that becomes just another job for them.

Something that actually ends up costing them more time, effort, and money to build while keeping them chained to their laptop. They eventually hate it and even resent their business for taking away the time freedom they were seeking in the first place.

Ask me how I know because boy could I tell you some stories :-).

But for you, please don’t do this.

Take the time now to get clear on what you are really after and what you have available to you.

This will go a long way to helping you find the perfect business for YOU, which is key to the lasting commitment and in turn hopefully the lasting results you are truly seeking.

With that in mind, that’s why I call my flagship program the Perfect Business Code or the PB Code for short.  Because for me and many others like you it checks all the boxes of the perfect business.

After countless hours of work with students, private coaching clients, 6000+ support tickets, and numerous calls with those seeking to learn this business model I’ve crafted the new version of the program titled: The PB Code Upgraded.

And we will be launching it to the general public for the first time ever on the 27th of January 2022 via a live training class.

You can get registered for the live training class here.

So if you are serious about building an online business you owe it to yourself to check out what it is we are doing.

The PB Code Upgraded by Ryan Coisson

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on January 27th, 2022