The doors to The Asigo System are closing tonight (August 6th) at midnight…

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Below are what I’ve found as the most common questions asked and answered for you.

Thought it might be useful to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What am I actually investing in?

A. You will be enrolling in The Asigo System, partnering with us to whitelabel your very own “High Ticket Recurring” (“HTR”) item eStore under your very own brand. You get the right to sell one of the most profitable eServices out there, with a pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers across any niche (and the traffic system to reach them even without paid ads)… You get the “Copy & Paste” eStore funnel to sell a $10,513/day “High Price, High Profit, Low Competition” (“HP2LC”) eService… and you get to ride the wave of the exploding new Mega-Trend, before the rest of the world catches on – which means more profit, with less challenge and competition than any other time in history (or the future).

Q. How do I get paid / How do I make money with it?

A. Once you make your investment, you will be enrolled into The Asigo System and get set up with your very own eStore – complete with a very profitable offer to sell (massive demand, high-ticket, recurring revenues, 80-90% profit margins). People visit your eStore and pay you for the offer – you pay a much smaller amount to the offer provider and the offer gets automatically delivered to your buyer – you keep difference AND the customer for recurring revenues on a sale your eStore only had to make once. Rinse and repeat until you hit your goals.

Q. How does it work?

A. Once your eStore is set up by The Asigo Team, you simply activate the “Aim & Fire” traffic system to bring pre-qualified visitors who are already interested in what you’re selling – to your eStore. The automated funnel will lead and nurture them to buying from you, the offer gets delivered to them automatically and every month. All you have to do is keep bringing in traffic, manage your eStore and keep making sales to stack and scale your recurring monthly profits.

Q. Are you going to sell me a bunch of other stuff too?

A. You don’t need t obuy anything else to make the Asigo System work. Once you make your investment in The Asigo System, you’ll be offered a way to bulk buy credits to fulfil the eService at a discount… this isn’t something you HAVE to do though, it’s only if you want to take things up a notch and increase your profits and grow faster. You can ‘flip’ each one for hundreds of dollars in profit… so it’s really a matter of how much you want to make, and with more or less effort. But again, it isn’t mandatory. You can still make good money without it.

Q. Nobody just ‘hands you’ a 6-figure business… and if it’s all “mostly automated” – what’s left for ME to do?

A. Your role will be activating the “Aim & Fire” traffic system and finding new audiences, to automatically bring to your eStore. You will also have to manage your eStore to make sure everything is running smoothly, as with any real business. You may want to look for additional methods to bring more traffic to your eStore, or more “HP2LC” items to sell. The Asigo System will provide advanced training on that once the core modules are complete. So the work is ‘simple’ – the key is doing it consistently.

Q. Are we limited to just one niche?

A. No, you can target any niche you like – but our recommendation is to start with one niche and specialize. We’ll give the training and a list of The Top 10 Niches to target, with massive profit potential and minimum competition.

Q. Are there any other costs? (domain, hosting, software, ads etc…)

A. No – you have everything you need within The Asigo System to hit $2,079+ per week and even 10x that if you stick with it.

Q. Do you guarantee results?

A. They have a 60-day money back guarantee – and even let you keep the 7-figure training course we’re delivering alongside The Asigo System; so even if it turns out this isn’t for you – you can apply this training to your next venture. That high-end training is valued at $4,997.

Q. Can I sell other things on my “HTR” eStore?

A. Potentially yes – but we strongly recommend you stick with selling AmpiFire for now, because it has massive demand, a pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers, minimal competition, with high-ticket sales, recurring revenues and exists in a massive growth industry. You can expand later once you’re making good money and know the business well…. But you can reach 7, even 8 figures automatically selling this one item alone.

Q. Can I do this alongside another business?

A. Yes – but the more time and focus you put into this, the better your results will be.

Q. Why are you capping membership / enrollment?

A. Because this is a brand new program and the software is new, we’re limiting the number of people who can get access. This allows us to fine tune everything – and we’re rewarding our Charter Members for their trust with the biggest discounts and we’ll be paying close attention to their development.

If you become a Charter Member, you’ll have a say in how the platform grows, so it suits your business best. We profit together.

Q. How do I do X? / What if Y? / Should I do Z?

A. They’’ll give you all the training you need to build a 6-7 figure business, as part of your investment and as our newest Asigo Partner. All your Asigo-specific questions will be answered there.

Q. How does The “Aim & Fire” Traffic System work?

A. The “Aim & Fire” Traffic System is built into your eStore. You first enter your keyword(s) and hit ‘go’ and it automatically seeks out the segment of people who may be most interested in the item you’re selling on your eStore (you’ll be shown what type of keywords to use for best results in the training)… the “Recapture System” then nurtures those visitors through a proven funnel automatically, until they buy from you.

Q. Won’ t there be lots of competition?

A. No – the market is simply too big and we’re capping membership anyway. There are over 50,000,000+ people across all kinds of niches who can use the recommended offer alone… so even if we allowed 1,000x the number of people in and showed each of them how to build their own $2,079+/wk business just like you… we still probably wouldn’t scratch even 1% of the market… and that’s just for selling this ONE item.

Q. Do I really not need an advertising budget?

A. You really do not need an advertising budget – there are NO PAID ADS needed, you simply use our “Aim & Fire” Traffic System and that will deliver all the high-ticket recurring buyers you need, at no cost, so long as you keep using it. You can expand your traffic to other paid and free methods later, and drive even more visitors into your funnel if you like… it’s your business and your choice! It’s just not something you have to do to get results.

Q. Why don’t you just do this yourself?

A. We do – There’s a 50 million potential buyer pool and I’ve only reached 0.1% of that so far, and with you and others we’re growing more and more. We built this platform to make it easier for us to build our own eService business… and since we’re focused on developing the platform even further, the more successful users we have, the more quickly we will grow and develop. As such, we’re heavily invested and interested in your success. Your success absolutely becomes our success and vice-versa. So we’re in it together. What we learn, we’ll share with you and hopefully you’ll do the same as one of our charter members and our newest Asigo Partner.

Q. When does enrollment end?

A. Enrollment ends today  (August 6th at midnight). This is your last chance to join at the discounted rate.

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